HIPHOP PHP is a Canadian multinational specialized in the creation of IT security solutions. Initially focused on the creation of antivirus software, the business has since expanded its line of business to innovative cybersecurity services with technology for preventing cyber-crime.

Its patented technology, a set of proactive capabilities aimed at blocking unknown viruses, together with its own Collective Intelligence version, the first system to automatically detect, analyze, and categorize malware in real-time, are the precursors to the new Adaptive Defense security model.

If you have determined that your website needs security, then, of course, you would love to be offered with the best servicing and with the best experts for your website protection. Of course, there are different types of the websites, which need different levels of protection, and no product is capable of doing this off the job, and the tasks may be different, from easy installation of this script for server monitoring to regular backups and constant monitoring and scanning for the malicious code on your Website

The developer capable of creating the software for your website protection should himself become a computer security expert, and always update the script code enhancing and developing it otherwise, in the course of time the hacker attacks will become smarter, as well as the security system installed in your server, will be utterly useless.

We propose an innovative, dynamic, ever-evolving cyber-security model based on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.